Smile Magic!

Where every dental visit is an adventure

“That was awesome,
when can I go again?”

- Every kid who visits Smile Magic

At Smile Magic, we believe that everyone deserves to have an amazing dental office adventure, and we carry that belief into everything we do.  We design a unique experience in each of our locations to make every visit magical, fun, and exciting.  We also make sure that each and every child is treated like royalty, is given individual attention, and receives incredible care.

We all think that…

You’re Amazing!

Mom, we’ve got it all covered:

We believe in guilt-free dentistry

We believe in guilt-free dentistry

We’re so happy you’re here for a no judgment, feel good, dental adventure. Consider how awesome you are for setting up an amazing adventure for your kids … totally awesome! You know they’ll meet our gentle dentists, have loads of fun and get all the care they need. In fact, the hardest part of this adventure will be getting them to leave.

We partner with you

We partner with you

Smile Magic and Mom, now that’s a team! We make sure you’re comfortable with all we do. And however you choose to support your child during treatment, we’ll ensure that you have total visibility of their experience… via a Charlie Cam or in person. You won’t miss a moment of your kid’s adventure with us!

An easy, no-work zone for Mom

An easy, no-work zone for Mom

Mom, we’ll take it from here. We’ll take care of your kids, the fun, and snacks. You just sit back, enjoy watching your kids smile, and feel good about giving them the best. Well, that and start planning your return visit because your kids are going to want to come back. They always do.

We make sure we fit your life

We make sure we fit your life

We know life is busy. Life with kids is crazy busy. We get it so, when you need us, you’ve got us. We strive to be open at hours convenient for you and we’re even open on Saturdays. We also do same-day treatments whenever possible to reduce the need for multiple visits to get the care that your family deserves. Schedule your family’s adventure when it fits your busy life.


Yup, we can do that

Family Dentistry

From ages 0 to 99, the Smile Magic adventure is for kids of all ages.  Regardless of your age we’ll take care of your dental needs, from routine check-ups all the way to extensive treatments.  We’re here for Princes and Princesses, and for Kings and Queens.

Memory-Free Dentistry

Remember the play gym, the movie theater, the part where they made you feel like Royalty? You can be sure they will. Will they remember the treatment, no, most likely not. That’s the way we think a dental adventure should be. Your kids remember only the part they need to ….the fun part!


Available at: Lewisville, Garland

We want to give you the ultimate smile which brings confidence and joy to life. Sometimes that involves adjusting your smile with braces for a smile you’ll never stop sharing.

Oral Surgery

Available at: Lewisville, Grand Prairie

Wisdom teeth, if only they brought wisdom, but they don’t. Most often wisdom teeth bring discomfort and they have to be removed before age 18. We’ll remove them for your kids of all ages. Yes, even teenagers.